Tuesday, June 27, 2017

REVIEW : Da Vinci -- Ambition Rocks (2017)

The name of Da Vinci is no stranger among the fans of the AOR/Melodic Rock sound. With two great records upon their sleeves, ”Da Vinci” and ”Back in the Business”, these Norway rockers made a big impact in this scene back then.

DaVinci were touring constantly from late 1986 to 1992 and did over 600 performances in Norway. They, also, played as support for Status Quo on their Christmas Remedy tour in 1989 in Great Britain together with Ole Evenrude. Their last concerts were two gigs at Wembley Arena and after that they split up in 1993.

So, nowadays, Da Vinci are back in business again with a brand new record which is entitled "Ambition Rocks". The sound here is a bit updated, fresh but, believe me, it's 100% Da Vinci. I'm sure that the AOR mafia will appreciate the band's newest step and will find its place next to the band's previous superb works.

"Vicious Circle" is the first sample of 2017's Da Vinci. A hard edged rocker and a bit modern regarding their past but with a killer chorus in it. Not bad at all! With "I've Come All This Way",  "See You", "Rocket Of Fame" and "Soul Survivor" Da Vinci are back in business for good. All these songs are full of beautiful melodies, clever hooks and choruses, crunchy guitars, solid keys and 'smells' late 80's from miles away. "Painted Lady" is yet another very interesting moment out of the new album. A more U.S. flavored rocker with some nice guitar parts.

Da Vinci left some unfinished business and for that reason they are back to prove that they have more to give to this so competitive scene. "Ambition Rocks" is a great and so refreshing record that every fan of the melodic rock sound should keep an eye on!!

Rating : 7,5/10

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