Wednesday, March 1, 2017

REVIEW : THE WILD! -- Wild At Heart (2017)

Whoa, this one rocks big time!!! THE WILD is a band that knows how to rock your world, period! Mixing heavy blues with the bad-ass rock 'n' roll attitude of the late 80's, this band takes you by surprise with its brand new opus with the title "Wild At Heart".

The guitars include this 'dirty' sound, the vocalist (Dylan Villain) has these 'special' vocal abilities that reminds AC/DC and the rhythm section is tight as hell! The songs are all well-written, well-performed and there is not a filler in sight. It's an 80's rock 'n' roll parade and THE WILD invite us to become 'Wild At Heart' with their inspired an bad-ass rock 'n' roll stuff!

With the opener tune of "Ready To Roll", The Wild put us immediately to their world; a world full of loud guitars, attitude and old fashioned rock n' roll!! "White Devil" 'smells' AC/DC from miles away. This is a monstrous bluesier hard rock beast that, if you combine it with lots of beers, then it will explode!!!

"Another Bottle" rocks good while with "Best In The West" the boys deliver a fast-paced rocker that takes no prisoners! Ballsy with attitude and screaming guitars, this one is simply awesome! "Six Hundred Sixty Six" and "Rattlesnake Shake" are both pure, old-fashioned and crazy rockers that must be heard on maximum volume!!!

"Run Home" is the first, a kinda of ballad, slow moment of the new record. A bluesy mid-tempo and heartfull song that will leave you breathless!

Ladies and gentlemen, please, give a warm welcome to THE WILD! A band that will rock your world and leave you hungry for more! Turn the volume on 10 and let "Wild At Heart" do the rest!

Rating : 9,5/10

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