Sunday, February 26, 2017

REVIEW : DEAD OF NIGHT -- In Search of Ancient Magic (2017)

Allow me to start my review by saying that this is an excellent piece of Symphonic Rock! Yes, it's one of those albums that you fell in love with the first spin. Even if this kinda of music is not the one that I like the most, I have to say that this band, Dead Of Night, took me by surprise with its brand new opus "In Search Of Ancient Magic".

Reading the press release, I saw that Dead Of Night was formed back in 2013 and since then it has already released a debut, ‘The Dead Shall Rise’  (2014, with Courtney Cecere, vocals), and nowadays it is releasing the brand new "In Search Of Ancient Magic". Dead Of Night re-released the debut (re-mixed and re-imagined) and featuring current vocalist Briony Featon.

So, what is the thing that made me love this album? Hmmmm, let me think, everything!!! The voice is simply majestic, the music itself is melodic with a sometimes 'darker' vibe in it and the solid production 'push' the whole project to a higher level.

Regarding the songs here, I have to say that it's difficult to pick up one as my favorite 'cause each and every one has something special to offer. But if I had to choose a few, these would be "In Search Of Ancient Magic", the epic "Child Of Wolves", "If I Would Be King", the catchier tune of "The Might Of The Deep" and the beautiful and kinda of melancholic "The Other Side Of The Rain".

Dead Of The Night with "In Search Of Ancient Magic" offers an amazing and breathtaking piece of Symphonic Rock that should be appreciated by any fan of the rock scene in general. A true gem of an album!!

Rating : 9,5/10

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  1. Couldn't agree more absolutely love this band and they are a pleasure to work with, I hope they get signed as they deserve it.