Saturday, March 4, 2017

REVIEW : ONE DESIRE -- One Desire (2017)

One Desire is a new melodic hard rock band and with its brand new debut record is ready to make some noise in this scene. Originally formed as OD, One Desire started its journey back in 2012 and after the 'necessary' line-up changes the band took flesh and blood and nowadays present us the debut with the title "One Desire".

The sound here is basically melodic hard rock that includes soaring vocals, huge melodies and harmonic lines to die for, a crunchy guitar work and some catchy as hell hooks and choruses enough to make you scream for more!! One Desire's goal is to create a strong and extremely melodic sound that the sure thing is to gain more and more fans of this particular scene.

The first sample that I've heard of these guys was "Whenever I'm Dreaming". That's it....I fell in love with this song! The harmonies, the haunting melody, the guitars and the chorus line were all just awesome! One of the best songs that I've listened to this year! Genius! "Hurt" is yet another killer one! The big 80's sound along with the anthemic vibe in it and the memorable chorus line makes "Hurt" a true gem. "Love Injection" is ridiculously catchy, commercial as it gets and its along my personal favorites from this debut.

"Turn Back Time" is another 'fall in love at first time' song. A 'darker' but extremely melodic rocker with an Eclipse-esque vibe in it that makes it brilliant. I also liked a lot the modern melodic rock tune of "Straight Through The Heart" and the totally 80's "Do You Believe".

One of the best debut albums that I've had the privilege of listening to since ages!! One Desire is one of these bands that have the 'whole package' to become big in the near future! Amazing record from start to finish! 

Rating : 9,5/10

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