Saturday, March 4, 2017

REVIEW : ECLIPSE -- Monumentum (2017)

The question is simple; was there any chance for ECLIPSE to beat the huge 'Armageddonize' release? The answer is simple too, yes, the new kings of melodic hard rock/metal scene are back with another masterpiece and, yes, 'Monumentum' is their best album to-date! And as Erik Martensson states : "When I go and see a band I just want to hear songs that make me wanna put my fist in the air and scream along, and I want everyone around me to do the same. Well, Monumentum is one giant fist waiting for a chanting crowd of rockers. We can't wait for the people to hear it!"

The first sample of 'Monumentum', "Vertigo", we've heard it a couple of months ago and it was about a 'punchy' rocker with a chorus line to sing-a-long for days. More attitude, more power and with a melody to die for, "Vertigo" sounded the perfect sample of the new opus.

But, with the next single, "Never Look Back", Eclipse nailed it and delivered one of the best songs that this band has ever written. The hook line and the chorus are pure heaven and it's one of these songs that you can listen to it for days!! "Killing Me" is a bit different regarding the first two tunes. More diverse with a modern sounding in it but again with a chorus line that sticks into your mind at once. Next, with "The Downfall Of Eden" Eclipse delivers a 'darker' and more straight forward rocker while in "Hurt" we are dealing with a monstrous power ballad. A moodier song that includes a really sweet melodic line and a killer guitar solo that will make you beggin' for more!

The riff-tastic "Jaded" rocks in an old-fashioned way and "Born To Lead" is 100% Eclipse, And that means big guitars, attitude, melodies, huge hooks and choruses and power!! Excellent stuff!! "For Better Or For Worse" is a nice rocker, more modern but overall a nice one. The heavier "No Way Back" and the catchier "Night Comes Crawling" are two more superb songs out of the new record. "Black Rain" closes this new masterpiece impressively; a classic Eclipse sound in it but with a more updated approach and with its killer chorus line "Black Rain" is one of my favorites!

Melody and power perfectly balanced with some breathtaking n' killer tunes in it "Monumentum" comes to prove why this band is considered a leader in this scene. The last thing that I have to add here is that Eclipse nailed it again and delivers a great album that will please every single fan of the melodic hard 'n' heavy sound. For sure, "Monumentum" will be a future classic!!

Rating : 10/10   

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