Sunday, March 5, 2017

CONCRETE JELLŸ Monkey Around In Their Official Video Release ‘Apeshit!’

Fresh on the heels of their debut release on Sliptrick Records, Getting Noticed, Concrete Jellÿ have now released their first official video from the album, Apeshit!. It’s a tremendous piece of hard and heavy alt rock with giant riffs, weird breaks and a chant-along chorus all laced with the classic Concrete Jellÿ sense of irony and humour.
In the bands own words, “Here’s the new video clip of the song Apeshit!. The video mocks today’s main stream music industry, in which everything is made for a great but fleeting success, and everybody strives on their own to get just a little slice of the cake.”

Video Credits:
Directed by Damiano Tommasi
Recorded by Track Terminal Studio
Filmed at Tetris and SKD Primorec Theater, Trebiciano
Nevio Trento as the producer | Gisella Di Martino as the girl | Marco “Mace” Rodella as the trip guy | Concrete Jellÿ as the band
Concrete Jellÿ are:
Sebastiano Belli – Drums | Francesco Braida – Guitar/Voice | Sebastian H. Gerlini – Guitar | Matteo Monai – Bass/Voice
Listen to Concrete Jellÿ on: Spotify
Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube

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