Friday, February 10, 2017

REVIEW : UNRULY CHILD -- Can't Go Home (2017)

Marcie Free is without any doubt one of the best voices out there! With the debut 'Unruly Child' the world of melodic rock/AOR became richer 'cause it was, and still is, one of the finest albums of this particular scene, a true masterpiece of an album. The years to follow saw Unruly Child releasing two more records (with different singers) and a compilation with Free on vocals.

All of the Unruly Child members through the years participated in many projects/bands and in 2010 the announcement of a new record with all the original members filled the heart of every melodic fan with happiness!! 'World's Collide' was a solid album with many elements of the classic Unruly Child in it but with a fresh and more updated approach.

Nowadays, the band is back again with a brand new opus which is entitled "Can't Go Home". From the opening tune of "The Only One", you realize that the classic sound of Unruly Child is back for good! Melodic as it gets with Marcie's superb voice on top form and a chorus to die for! Brilliant stuff! The pomp and moodier "Four Eleven" is a good one while in "Driving Into The Future" sounds like it jumped out of Free's solo record (another gem). "Get On Top" features a really cool hook, a nice chorus line and a modern approach in it. But when it comes to a catchier and more commercial song then "She If She Floats" sounds the perfect sample. Pure melodic rock/AOR bliss with some pop elements in it and Free's superb performances this one is among my favorites from the new record.  "She Can't Go Home" and "When Love Is Here" are two more strong moments and both include beautiful melodies, strong guitar lines and very good arrangements.

Unruly Child with "Can't Go Home" refuses to retire and go home and delivers another strong album. In my humble opinion, this one is a bit 'different' regarding their huge masterpiece debut but this is now and that was then! They updated and 'modernized' a bit their sound but also kept a little of the magic of the past and at the end the result is extremely enjoyable. 

Rating : 8/10

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