Sunday, February 5, 2017

REVIEW : Sainted Sinners -- Sainted Sinner (2017)

One of the most powerful and well-known shouters out there, David Reece (ex-ACCEPT, ex-Bonfire, Bangalore Choir, e.t.c.) joins forces with highly gifted guitar player FRANK PANÉ and the result of this collaboration is a new born band with the title Sainted Sinners. The line-up completes with legendary keyboard player FERDY DOERNBERG (AXEL RUDI PELL) and the dynamic rhythm section of the two former PURPENDICULAR members MALTE FREDERIK BURKERT (bass) and the Hungarian drum maestro BERCI HIRLEMAN.

It's really nice to hear Mr. David Reece to return to some classic hard rock forms and Sainted Sinners is his wagon to offer a great and old-fashioned record. Frank Pane is indeed a very gifted and high skilled guitar player and in this self-titled record we can hear some amazing guitar lines!! The rhythm section and all the songs here 'smells' 80's from miles away!!

The opening tune of "Knight Of The Long Knives" is a classic 80's edgy hard rock gem filled with Reece's rough and powerful vocal lines, solid arrangements, a catchy chorus line (reminds a bit of Reece's Bangalore Choir album) and Pane's superb guitar lines!! "Beauty In The Beast", "We're All Sainted Sinners" and "Blue Lightning Man" are all three strong samples of Sainted Sinners music. All three are good old-fashioned hard rock stuff with some bluesier 'touches' here and there, amazing performances by Reece (yes, Mr. Reece's voice sounds better than ever) and 'smoking' guitar work!!!

The Whitesnake-esque "This Love That I Have Found" is just great and classic hard rock at its best while in the groovier "Evangeline" the band delivers another strong moment out of this debut!

Sainted Sinners is a band that brings back the classic hard rock sound of the late 80's with attitude, power and full of emotions! David Reece's voice is on top form and with an amazing line-up besides him delivers this great record. If you are a fan of Whitesnake, Bangalore Choir, Deep Purple, Rainbow and the 80's hard rock scene in general, then get this album!!!

Rating : 8,5/10

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