Wednesday, February 1, 2017

REVIEW : Letters From The Fire -- Worth The Pain (2017)

Over the last years more and more female fronted bands jump out and offer us some excellent albums, that's true. Letters From The Fire is another female fronted heavy band that mixes perfectly heaviness with melody and at the end achieves to create a 'ballsy' album, full of attitude, that can't be unnoticed.

So, "Worth The Pain" is entitled this new album by these U.S.A. rockers and it's a true blast! A big sound, heavy guitars, powerful vocals, some catchy, enough to make you sing-a-long, choruses plus a modern and updated sound and there you have a record that worth every penny!

"Perfect Life", the opener, kicks-off things here with a heavy riffing and an explosive hook and chorus!! Yeah!! "Mother Misery" is the first highlight from the new album; a modern rock gem with a moodier vibe in it and a fantastic melody that rockets this tune into a higher level.

"Give In To Me", "Live A Lie" and "My Angel" are all three strong samples of modern heavy rock/hard rock stuff while in "Bruised" we have another killer song!! A mid-tempo track that includes a sweet melody, a beautiful harmony and when it comes to the chorus it explodes into a pop-rock gem that must be a big hit in the radio!! The abilities of this band, when it comes to slower tunes, can be shown once again in yet another mid-tempo/ballad with the title "At War". The Amaranthe-esque and punchy "Worth The Pain" is one of my favorites here!

Letters From The Fire is a modern rock/hard rock band that it's here to stay and, believe me, it's gonna make some noise around its name with "Worth The Pain". Do a favor to yourself and go out and check this album out, it worth your time and money!!!

Rating : 8,5/10

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