Saturday, February 25, 2017

REVIEW : MIKE TRAMP -- Maybe Tomorrow (2017)

The voice of White Lion, the man that fronted one of the best Melodic Hard Rock bands ever Mike Tramp is releasing today his brand new, already tenth, solo album with the title "Maybe Tomorrow". With White Lion, he released timeless music that stood through the test of time and put White Lion into the pantheon of this scene.

The next chapter in Tramp's music life were Freak Of Nature. With FON Tramp changed his style but, at the end, he achieved to release great music (again!!). His solo career sees this incredible talented and very gifted musician to release many albums that most of them are really good. The one thing that counts the most is that in every single album Mike Tramp puts heart and soul and that's a thing that reflects in his music. Soulful and heart-full music that speaks straight to your heart with Tramp's warm and tender voice.

So, in "Maybe Tomorrow", Tramp continues to deliver soulful music without chasing or follow any music trends or without trying to sound like White Lion. That was then, this is now; and now "Maybe Tomorrow" is a simply breathtaking album all the way.

The new opus kicks-off with the fantastic "Coming Home". A mid-tempo rocker that includes a White Lion vibe in it but it's 100% Mike Tramp. And that means soulful music with beautiful melodies, amazing vocals and great arrangements. Excellent! "Spring" is a slower acoustic tune and one of my personal songs here. Tramp's warm voice travels your mind to beautiful places.  The rockier "Rust And Dust" and "Leaving One Day" are givin' an extra flavor while in the 'melancholic' "Maybe Tomorrow" we are dealing with yet another superb song!

It's simple, put the cd into your cd player and let Mike Tramp travel you with his amazing and warm voice. 

Rating : 9/10

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