Thursday, January 5, 2017

REVIEW : TOMMY HEART - Spirit Of Time (2017)

Tommy Heart is no other than the VOICE of legendary melodic hard rockers Fair Warning. With Fair Warning released many great records and put his mark in this scene with his amazing vocal range. He was also, the singer of ZENO and released some strong records with Soul Doctor.

Nowadays, this charismatic shouter is about to release his debut solo album with the title "Spirit Of Time". In this record, Tommy Heart is doin' the thing that knows better than ever; he delivers quality and top class melodic rock/hard rock gems in the vain of his main band spirit. And even if the most of the songs here are a bit more laid-back than Fair Warning's tunes, the final result is overall delightful.

For this debut, Heart gathers his pals from Fair Warning (Andy Malecek, Helge Engelke and Torsten Luederwaldt) but, also, Tommy Denander (Radioactive), Oliver Hartmann (Avantasia, At Vance) and Leif Sundin (Treat) and creates an album that every die-hard of Fair Warning was looking for!!! The fact that I'm a big fan of this artist pushed me to purchase the Japan edition of "Spirit Of Time" that includes a bonus track!!!!

"Back For More" and we have the first winner! A pop-ish rocker with a beautiful melody, a catchy chorus line and Heart's amazing vocal lines in front row!!! Excellent stuff!!! "Best Times" is yet another cool song out of "Spirit Of Time". Commercial melodic rock with a sweet melodic line that you can feel it in your bones this tune is simply lovely. "You And Me" reminded me a bit of Jon Bon Jovi's solo records (after the Blaze Of Glory) and "Lean In My Shoulder" Heart delivers an excellent and more Fair Warning-esque rocker!!! I adore "Touch Of Heaven"!!!! Yes, this song is pure and commercial as it gets melodic rock heaven!!!!! A feel-good, super catchy and up-tempo rocker that kept me push the repeat button again and again! The cover of The Beatles classic tune of "Help" is breathtaking; an acoustic mid-tempo track that leaves you breathless!!!

Closing my review, the last thing that I have to add is that "Spirit Of Time" is a true melodic rock monster that will please every single Fair Warning freak (just like me) but, also, it will gain more and more melodic rock fans out there!!!! 

Rating : 8,5/10

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