Thursday, January 5, 2017


The original voice and founding member of the classic sleaze hard rockers RATT, Stephen Pearcy is back in business with his fourth solo record entitled "Smash"!!! “Smash” was mixed and mastered by no other than the legendary Beau Hill, the producer of RATT's first four albums, among many other hit records.

The new album starts with "I Know I'm Crazy". This is a track that confused me a bit! Maybe I was expecting a more straight forward and punchier tune, I don't know! This is a darker, modern rocker that didn't impressed me much. Next, we have "Ten Miles Wide" and the earlier-RATT 'ashes' make their appearance in this cool hard rock song. In "Shut Down Baby", Stephen Pearcy delivers a classic RATT song! Yes, finally this is a kinda of song that I was aching of hearing from Mr. Pearcy!! Groovy, sleazier and more Rock 'n' Roll!!!!

"Dead Roses" is an average tune while in "Lollipop" (yes Lollipop :-)!!!! ) we have a good and fun rocker! Even though "Rain" features a really nice and very 80's guitar work it lacks of a catchy chorus or something to make it better!!! "Want Too Much" is probably the best track of the new album!!! It smells early Ratt from miles away and it is the first song that grabbed my attention so far!!! "Jamie" is yet another cool and edgy track (and another that reminds me of Ratt's glory days).

I expected this album to be a 'blast from the past' but unfortunately it didn't work for me!!! I found it uninspired and the few good tracks didn't save the day! Sorry Stephen!!!

Rating : 5,5/10


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