Tuesday, January 24, 2017

REVIEW : REBEL MACHINE -- Nothing Happens Overnight (2016)

Rebel Machine is a Brazilian hard rock band and "Nothing Happens Overnight" is entitled its debut release. After the very first spin of this album, I have to say that these rockers sure know how to rock your world for good!!

Yep, "Nothing Happens Overnight" is a damn fine slice of pure old-fashioned hard rock stuff at its best and it features crunchy and edgy guitars, powerful and in-your-face vocals, some catchy choruses and lots of attitude. This band reminds me a bit of The Almighty's first couple of records regarding the sound and the attitude and that's a good thing 'cause I love The Almighty's earlier works!!!

The opening tune of "Don't Tell Me I'm Wrong" is just great!!! Sounds like it jumped out from The Almighty's "Soul Destruction" record this song grabs you by the hair and makes you turn up the volume on maximum volume!!!  "Down The Road" rocks once again, this time in a more straight forward way while in "Waiting For You" we have some bluesier and rockier elements. "It Doesn't Matter To Me" is a kinda of raise your fist and shout songs and is build up for big arenas!!! The chorus line is loud, big and simply awesome!!! The groovier "Run Away" is a good one while in "Life Is Fu&*in' Good" we are dealing with yet another rock anthem!!!

So, grab yourself a couple of cold beers, play this awesome rockin' album on maximum volume and let the party begin!!!!

Rating : 9/10

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