Friday, January 6, 2017

REVIEW : JACK RUSSELL’S GREAT WHITE -- He Saw it Comin' (2017)

Jack Russell, the original voice of Great White is back with a new record. After the well-known problems with the band's name Russell is about to release an album that will please most of early Great White fans out there. So, the new opus is entitled "He Saw It Comin'" and, besides the new and more updated sound in it, it includes some of the early magic.

With longtime bassist and friend Tony Montana—this time as a guitar player and keyboardist—lead guitarist Robby Lochner, and drummer Dicki Fliszar, Russell is tryin' to capture the classic Great White feeling and up to a point he achieves it. The band sounds tight, Russell's vocals are solid and most of the songs are good, powerful and at the end they leave a sweet taste in your ears.

The opening tune of "Sign Of The Times" is pure melodic hard rock heaven!!! Classic Great White with strong arrangements, powerful vocal lines, crunchy guitars and a catchy chorus line to sing-a-long. Excellent start!!! Next, "She Moves Me" is groovier and is yet another cool tune out of the new record. In the slower "Love Don't Live Here", the classic GW bluesy elements make their appearance and makes this track another highlight!!! The emotional and acoustic tune of "Anything For You" is a good one while "He Saw It Comin'", "Don't Let Me Go" and "Spy Vs Spy" are all three good and rockier songs with a lot of groove, good arrangements and all three include a more fresh and modern approach. "Blame It On The Night" is simply killer!!!!!

Not bad at all but, for sure, nothing' breathtaking either! It's nice to hear Russell's voice again, this guy has a great rockin' voice and this record is the living prove!!! One of the album's strongest point is without any doubt the guitar work; it's crunchy, heart-full and you can find some excellent riffs n' solos in it!!! Overall a good record!!!

Rating : 7/10

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