Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Sandness is an Italian Hard Rock band that started back in 2008 when two friends decided to form a group and to share their love for this kinda of music. After some line-up changes, the band took flesh and blood in 2009. During the last few years, Sandness played in several gigs, built-up a strong reputation around its name and shared stages with bands such as Adam Bomb and L.A. Guns!!!

They released a couple of EP's and their first official debut record, "Like An Addiction", saw the light of day in 2013 by Sleaszy Rider Records.

So, nowadays, the band takes things a bit further with its second album which is entitled "Higher And Higher". The sound of Sandness is heavenly influenced by the late 80's hard rock/hair metal scene with some 'punkier' elements as well. The vocals are raw, in-your-face and the guitars are powerful with nice solos and heavy riffs. Of course, the new wave of Swedish hard rock 'pinches' are here as well giving an extra attractive flavor to the final result.

The opener "You Gotta Lose" is a nice opener that grabbed my attention at once but with the second "Street Animals" Sandness takes things into a higher level!!! Punchy and powerful hard rock stuff with a strong hook and chorus that makes you wanna sing-a-long. "Promises" is a 'darker' and a bit 'slower' tune while in "One Life" we have another late 80's influenced hard rock song and another highlight out of "Higher And Higher". The beautiful instrumental "Light In The Dark"is followed by the groovier"Heat".  The commercial "Perfect Machine" and the catchier "Play With Fire" are both superb samples of Sandness' abilities to write catchy and up-tempo songs.

For sure, Sandness with this second album, "Higher And Higher"can blink their eye to the future with optimism. It's a strong album with some really killer tunes in it but, most of all, it's a record that is made with heart and soul.

Rating : 8/10

01 - You Gotta Lose
02 - Street Animals
03 - Hollywood
04 - Promises
05 - Sunny Again
06 - One Life
07 - Light In The Dark
08 - Heat
09 - Perfect Machine
10 - Monster Inside Me.
11 - Play With Fire

12 - Will You Ever 

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