Tuesday, December 20, 2016

REVIEW : ENUFF Z'NUFF / Clowns Lounge (2016)

ENUFF Z'NUFF was always a love or hate thing! For me, this band was always a nice and tight band with some excellent releases. Its sound was movin' between pop rock and glam rock with clever hooks and choruses and strong melodies. Nowadays, thanks to Frontiers Records, we have in our hands a brand new album with some old rarities that have been partially reworked and re-recorded by the band. This exceptional collection, also, features a guest appearance from the late Jani Lane (of Warrant) as well as an appearance from James Young of Styx on “The Devil Of Shakespeare”.

I think that this record is a big MUST have for every die-hard of the band out there that captures perfectly all the band's earlier vibe in it packed in a fresh and updated sound. Chip on how the songs came about: “Donnie and I wrote the songs in the later part of 1988-89. They were recorded in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, on 2" inch analog tape, during the time of our debut. The tracks were never finished, as we were very prolific and focused on laying down as many ideas as possible".

So, regarding "Clowns Lounge", you will find everything that you like from this band. Hard Rock with pop/rock and some AOR-ish pinches compose this solid record all the way. "Dog On A Bone" is the tune that kicks-off things here and it's a classic Enuff Z' Nuff song that captures perfectly all the band's early magic. "Runaway", "Back In Time" and "She Makes It Harder" are all three very good rockers that include sharp riffs, the well-known performances and groove!!

The late Jani Lane (R.I.P.) and James Young of Styx make their appearance in "The Devil Of Shakespeare". This is one of the album's highlights, no doubt 'bout that. A darker mid-tempo tune with a haunting melody in it that grabs you at once. The pop-ish "Radio" will make you shake and tumble while "Round And Round" will rock your world.

Bottom line is that, if you love Enuff Z'Nuff, then you love "Clowns Lounge" as well. This record captivates all the band's earlier magic in a such a positive way. 

Rating : 8,4/10

Tracklisting: Dog On A Bone; Runaway; Back In Time; She Makes It Harder; Rockabye Dreamland; The Devil Of Shakespeare; Radio; Good Luv; Round And Round; Nothing; Backstreet Kids; One More Hit.

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