Tuesday, December 20, 2016

REVIEW : BLACK PAISLEY - Late Bloomer (2017)

Black Paisley is a band that was formed back in 1998 as a cover band with a different name back then (StephMetal). It played several gigs in the UK, Netherlands, Sweden and Norway and built up a strong reputation around its name. For many years, the band wrote its own songs and it was a dream to release a full-length record.

The band took its name, Black Paisley, from Richie Sambora’s Fender signature guitar, and, in autumn 2014, the band started the process, recording in Sundsvall with producer JOHAN DEREBORN (Gaston, E-Type, Takida).

Finally, the dream came true for Black Paisley and the debut record "Late Bloomer" is finally a big reality!!!

From the first spin of "Late Bloomer", it's understood that we are dealin' with a solid record all the way. The sound here is moving across blues hard rock, classic hard rock with the necessary AOR-ish pinches and, at the end, it leaves a sweet taste in your ears. The vocals (Stefan Blomqvist) are powerful and emotional, the guitars are 'crunchy', melodic and, when needed, heavier while the rhythm section is solid. Sometimes the whole record reminds me a bit of Richie Sambora's second album "Undiscovered Soul" and that's a thing that I like!!

Highlights? I think that every single track here has something different to offer and, in general, the whole record flows perfectly and enjoyably from start to finish. The 'feeling' is the strongest point of the band 'cause every song speaks directly to your heart and soul. I think that it's unnecessary to review every tune here separately and the last thing that I have to add is that, if you are a fan of the rock scene in general, then buy this album and you won't regret it!!!!

Rating : 8,7/10


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