Sunday, November 13, 2016

REVIEW : LOUDGUNS / Broken Highway (2016-Re-issue)

At the beginning of the year, I reviewed a very interesting album, Loudguns' "Sunset Runaway". A band that combined perfectly the melodic rock/hard rock of the late 80's with a more updated and fresh direction with a bunch of some killer tracks.

Nowadays, Loudguns re-releasing its debut record, "Broken Highway", as strictly limited collectors item.

After the first spin of "Broken Highway" I have to admit that this album rocks big time!! Yes, this is a record that sounds like it came from another era, straight from somewhere between 1987-1992!!! All the songs include this late 80's magic and keeps you 'awake' from start to finish!!

The opener "Jenny's On The Run" is without any doubt the absolute highlight here. A fast-paced and in-your-face rocker that made me push the repeat button again and again. With "Distant Dreams", "Let Your Fire Burn" (killer!!!), "S.O.S." and "You'll Find Love" LOUDGUNS keep the flag of the glory 80's, early 90's, scene high!!!

Overall this is a killer release all the way that every melodic rock fan should own!!! 

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
1.Jenny's On The Run
2.Distant Dreams
3.Heartache Game
4.Let Your Fire Burn
5.Bye Bye Bye
7.You'll Find Love
8.Hit 'n' Run
9.Broken Highway
10.Dreams On The Line

LOUDGUNS  – Lineup:
Sami Pilve – Guitar
Lassi Vääränen - Vocals
Heikki Kokko - Guitar
Markus Sirén - Bass
Jussi Kallava - Drums
Akseli Kaasalainen – Keyboards

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