Saturday, November 12, 2016

NEED 'Hegaiamas: a song for freedom' Album Details Revealed, Video Trailer, North America Tour Support of Evergrey

Greek prog metal/rock band NEED will release their fourth album "Hegaiamas: a song for freedom" on January 17, 2017NEED to support Evergrey on their forthcoming North American tour in May 2017. The cover artwork was made by Nick "Eyejacker" Panagiotopoulos.

1. Rememory (6.59)
2. Alltribe (7.34)
3. Therianthrope (6.29)
4. Riverthane (7.24)
5. Tilikum (7.48)
6. I.O.T.A. (5.05)
7. Hegaiamas (21.52)
The album was produced by NEED and mixed/mastered by Hector.D at HD Studios.
The official album trailer video for "Hegaiamas: a song for freedom" can be viewed here:
NEED is a prog metal/rock band based in AthensGreece. Formed in 2004 they have 3 more albums and have toured Europe twice, having shared the stage with the likes of Jon Oliva's PainSymphony XCandlemass and more while they've also performed the 15th edition of ProgPower USA in 2014, at Sonisphere Festival 2011 opening for Iron MaidenMastodonSlipknot and more.
NEED is:
Jon V. - Vocals
Ravaya - Guitars
Anthony - Keyboards
Victor - Bass
Stelios - Drums

If you are looking for a progressive metal group that 100% justifies these two terms equally or for sophisticated metal music that will make you bang your head with pride, your search is over. Need is the band you were looking for. (

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