Sunday, November 13, 2016

REVIEW : Skyline / Nowhere Here (2016)

Skyline is a 'new' modern heavy rock band that combines perfectly melody and power and nowadays they are ready to present us their brand new work which is entitled "Nowhere Here".  Strongly influenced by bands such as 3 Doors Down and 30 Seconds To Mars, Skyline delivers a really solid record that will be appreciated by each and every fan of this particular sound.

"Way Home", the opener tune, is simply great; up-beat modern heavy rock at its best!! Heavy and short riffs, powerful vocals and a haunting melody are all included in this really brilliant rocker. "I Don't Care" is a killer one! A Rasmus-esque track with a superb rhythm and a catchy enough chorus line this song is one of my favorites out of the new record.

"The Game" features a moodier vibe in it while in "Nowhere Here" Skyline delivers another highlight! A 'dark' and kinda of melancholic rocker with an excellent melody in it. "Catch Me" and "Red" are two more solid moments and "Everything Is Wrong" is a good and more radio-friendly rocker. The song that closes this album is called "The Sun" which is heavier and includes some alternative 'pinches'.  

Closing my review, I have to say that this 8-track new Skyline album includes a bunch of some killer tunes in it and a couple more average ones that don't bother me at all!!! Especially the first-half one is simply breathtaking!!! Recommended for the fans of the 'modern' heavy rock sound!!!

Rating : 8/10

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