Saturday, November 5, 2016

REVIEW : GLENN HUGHES / Resonate (2016)

One of the true rock legends is back in business with a new album! Ladies and gentleman, please, welcome back Mr. Glenn Hughes and his brand new opus with the title "Resonate". Hughes is a true legend out there, no doubt 'bout that. He has a unique style and through the years achieved to blend his music with many styles such as rock, funk, blues and soul.

The new record kicks-off with "Heavy". A classic Hughes track that must be played on a maximum volume. The groovier elements along with the heavier rhythm section and his unique vocal range makes this track the absolute highlight here. "My Town" is a totally 70's rock monster while in "Let It Shine" Mr. Hughes delivers a solid and more 'modern' rocker.

"Steady" brings back memories from bands such as Deep Purple and all these kinda of titans from the past and in the heavier "God Of Money" Glenn Hughes delivers some excellent and out of this world vocal lines!!! Excellent!!!! In "When I Fall", we are dealing with a more laid-back tune that includes 'heart and soul' and it's among my personal favorites from the new album. In this particular song, Hughes' voice really shines!! Of course, Mr. Hughes loves funk music and that's a thing that we can hear in "Landmines".

If you love Glenn Hughes, then you probably love his brand new work as well. This legendary musician/artist delivers quality music and put his heart and soul in every single moment here!! The voice of rock is back!! 

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
Heavy; My Town; Flow; Let It Shine; Steady; God Of Money; How Long; When I Fall; Landmines; Stumble & Go; Long Time Gone; Nothing's The Same (bonus track deluxe edition).

DVD – Making of the album documentary – Heavy (song video); Long Time Gone (song video).

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