Monday, November 21, 2016

REVIEW : Frontback / Heart Of A Lion (2017)

To be honest with you here, I hadn't had the privilege to listen to Frontback's debut record "Born With A Secret" but now that I' ve received the promo of their new "Heart Of A Lion", I'll check it out asap!!! But let's see a couple of things of who is Frontback.

Frontback is a Swedish, female-fronted, melodic hard rock/rock band that plays catchy and up-tempo hard rock stuff with 'punchy' guitars, powerful vocals and generally it is a band that knows how to fire up a party, if you know what I'm talking about.

Anlo Front, the band's lead singer, is a girl that with here superb vocal lines put muscle in every track here and along with the crunchy and heavier guitars make this album a must check for every serious hard rock fan out there.

The first three songs of "Heart Of A Lion", ("All The Way For Fame", "Dead Man On The Road" and "Honest") are some cool samples of Frontback's music. Raw, in-your-face, catchy and with the necessary melody enough to make you stand up and turn the volume on!!! "On And On" features a nice groove in it while in "Destiny" we are dealin' with a killer and more commercial hard rock gem.

Bottom line is that Frontback's second album "Heart Of A Lion" is a damn fine piece of pure and old-school heavy rock effort that is extremely enjoyable from start to finish. So, if you love up-beat and in-your-face heavy rock stuff, then "Heart Of A Lion" is a release that you have to check out. 

Rating : 8/10

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