Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Lions Pride Music feels proud to announce the signing of Wild Rose's composer and guitarist Andy Rock for his upcoming second album "This Time" to be released on 16 December 2016!

Andy Rock started to play in rock bands in early 2000. The main musical influences of this Greek artist on his music and guitar play come from some of the greatest AOR bands such as Bon Jovi, Richard Marx and Michael Bolton.

In 2004, Andy Rock formed the Melodic Rock band WILD ROSE which has released four studio albums “Half Past Midnight [Best Debut Release / Newcomer of 2011 (Heavy Paradise / December 2011)], Dangerous [Wild Rose “Dangerous” hits No.1 on import sales in Japan (BURRN Magazine / June 2013)]., Hit 'N' Run [First single "Through The Night" from the album "Hit 'N' Run" hit #1 on Classic Rock Chart Week #40 and weeks #43 / #44 / #45 in 2014]", with all 3 albums being sold out from their presses and their latest album "4” which was acclaimed as album of the year 2016 by the press. During the past years, the band has played many live shows in Greece with as headliner as well as support for Talisman and at festivals such Rosewood Festival in Thessaloniki in 2011 and 2012 together with Newman and Work Of Art amongst others and they still continue their headline "4 Mediterranean Tour" to support their latest masterpiece.

The guitarist has always been composing more songs besides the ones for Wild Rose and after releasing his first solo record "Into The Night" in 2012 which hit a sold out; he is ready to release his second solo album named "This Time". Andy Rock here is in charge for all instruments except the lead vocals and the drums. He wrote all of the songs on this album except 2 tracks in which Wild Rose member Dirty Haris helped him with the lyrics and mixed and produced it at Evo Studios, Macedonia, Hellas and took on board David Saylor on vocals and Chris Siloma on backing vocals & choirs as long as ex-Wild Rose member Vaggelis Domanos on drums & percassion. An A.O.R. diamond not to be missed!

Andy Rock – Guitars, Bass, Synths, Backing vocals
David Saylor – Lead & Backing Vocals
Chris Siloma – Backing Vocals & Choirs
Vaggelis Domanos – Drums & Percussion

Andy Rock – This Time (2016)
Andy Rock – Into The Night (2012)

with Wild Rose:
4 (Studio Album) – February 2016
Hit 'N' Run (Studio Album) – October 2014
Dangerous (Studio Album) – February 2013
Half Past Midnight (Studio Album) – October 2011
Half Past Midnight (Demo) - 2009
Half Past Midnight (EP) - 2007
It's All About Love (Single) - 2007
Edge Of Your Dreams (Demo) - 2005

Andy Rock:
Wild Rose:

Tracklist: 1. What Does It Take, 2. Give Me A Reason, 3. You're Gone, 4. Promises, 5. Don't Say Goodbye, 6. Dreams, 7. She's Dangerous, 8. This Time, 9. Come With Me, 10. Once In A Lifetime, 11. Sleepless Night (Bonus Track Japan), 12. Promises (Acoustic / Bonus Track Japan)

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