Monday, October 31, 2016

REVIEW : MARENNA / No Regrets (2016)

Marenna, the Brazilian AOR musician, is finally releasing his long-awaited debut full-length album with the title "No Regrets". After the pretty impressive EP, "My Unconditional Faith" in 2015, is time for this extremely talented musician to release an album and to gain more melodic rock fans.

"Reason To Live" that opens the new album is a very good and very 80's melodic rock tune that the sure thing is that will leave you hungry for what's to follow!! "Can't Let You Go" sounds like it jumped out from the late 80's melodic rock/AOR scene with its up-tempo rhythm, its explosive chorus line and its 'crunchy' guitar sound. "Never Surrender" is 'punchier', bigger and it's without any doubt one of the highlights from the new album. The chorus is pure heaven!!!!

"Come Back" is a nice, more laid-back, rocker while in "The Price" Marenna delivers a groovier and more 'modern' rock tune. The track "Fall In Love Again", that included in Marenna's 2015 EP, is just a killer melodic rock song at its best! It's really one of these tunes that you fall in love at once! "About Love" and the highlights are keep coming one after the other with their breathtaking melodic rock gem. This time Marenna mixes perfectly the AOR of the late 80's with a more updated and fresh air and the result is this up-beat gem!!

"Forever", the very good ballad "So Different" and the 'heavier' "No Regrets", which closes the new album, are all three great samples of Marenna's music.

In my review for Marenna's debut EP, I said that I was looking forward to a full-length album!! So, the debut is here and I have to say that I'm again impressed by this guy. His love for the late 80's melodic rock/AOR sound reflects to his music but without loosing his own identity. Well-crafted and well-performed songs with all the necessary 80's flavor in it makes "No Regrets" a must have by each and every fan of this particular scene.

Rating : 9/10

01 - Reason to Live (Feat Rafael Netto - Drums)
02 - Can't Let You Go (Feat Guilherme Mello. - Drums / Mauro Caldart –Guitar Solo)
03 - Never Surrender (Support Band)
04 - Come Back (Support Band)
05 - The Price (Feat Rafael Netto. - Drums)
06 - Fall In love Again (Andria Busic. - Guitar, Bass, Keys,  Sasha Z –Guitar Solo)
07 - About Love (Feat Fernando Mig. – Guitar Solo)
08 - Forever (Feat Mauro Caldart. –Guitar Solo)
09 - So Different (Feat Bruno Mello. – Guitar Solo)
10 - No Regrets 

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