Thursday, October 20, 2016

REVIEW : HANDFUL OF RAIN / Three Days To Come Back (2016)

Handful Of Rain is a band that originally was formed back in 2005 and since its creation has played shared stage with big names such as U.D.O., Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), Lynch Mob, Bonfire and House Of Lords to name just a few!!

Nowadays, the band is finally ready to unleash its debut album which is entitled "Three Days To Come Back". After the first spin, I have to say that I'm pretty much impressed by these guys. The sound recalls to the late 80's U.S. Heavy Rock scene but with a strong 'touch' of the Euro Melodic Hard Rock/Metal scene.

The guitars are 'crunchy' with some heavy riffs and melodic solos, the vocals are overall very good, the songs are well-written and well-performed and you can find some excellent and memorable choruses to be hooked on and sing-a-long.

The opener "Saints & Sinners" is just a killer tune!! With a strong early-Gotthard/Shakra vibe in it this track is pure Euro melodic hard rock heaven. The chorus here will make you whistle it for days!! "Break Your Chains" is rougher with a more U.S. flavored style while in "Burning Hearts" we have another superb slice of catchy and in-your-face melodic hard rock stuff with a metallic edge. "Without You" has a so nice commercial direction and a feel-good vibe in it that put a smile upon my face!! Other memorable moments here are "Eagles", the slower with the sweet melody "Last Day" and the last song of the debut "Tears In The Rain" which is among my personal favorites from the new record.

Excellent debut!!! Handful Of Rain is movin' successfully between the classic Melodic Hard Rock of the late 80's and today's melodic heavy sound and the result is this splendid record. They have the talent, they have the songs and I'm positive that we are gonna hear bigger things from them in the near future!!!

Rating : 9/10

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