Friday, October 21, 2016


Amaranthe is a band that is a love or hate situation. I mean that either you love this band or you completely hate them!! There's no other thing, period. For me it's a love thing. Since a heard a couple of songs from their huge debut release, their music grabbed me. The choruses, the hooks, the amazing guitars and, of course, Elize Ryd impressed me at once!!!

Their pop/nu metal music with tons of melodies and hooks to die for is something that characterize Amaranthe's music. The choruses are so ridiculously catchy that makes you wanna sing-a-long every day. The combination, also, of three different voices is another interesting thing in Amaranthe's music.

So, the new album kicks-off with "Maximize". A 'classic' Amaranthe tune that the die-hards will adore! The three-voice attack performs in a top class way, the guitars are 'crunchy' enough and when it comes to the explodes!!!!  "Boomerang" is a very interesting tune. Although it includes all the band's well-known elements, it features a more pop-ish sound which fits perfectly!!! Next, we have the first single of "Maximalism". "That Song" is the one that confused many of Amaranthe's old-time fans. It's a HUGE pop/nu metal song with a 'clever' hook and chorus line and it could be a major hit!!  "21", "On The Rocks" (reminds of PINK's works), "Faster" and "Fireball" are all some really amazing Amaranthe fast-paced rockers that must be listened to a maximum volume.

"Maximalism" is an album that as I already mentioned above, must be listened to a maximum volume!!! It's heavy, aggressive, melodic, powerful, pop and beautiful in a very unique way that gives me the goosebumps every time I listen to it!!!  

Rating : 9/10

Track Listening :
01 - Maximize
02 - Boomerang
03 - That Song
04 - 21
05 - On the Rocks
06 - Limitless
07 - Fury
08 - Faster
09 - Break Down and Cry
10 - Supersonic
11 - Fireball
12 - Endlessly

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