Tuesday, March 1, 2016

REVIEW : A PERFECT DAY / 'The Deafening Silence' (2016)

A Perfect Day, the brainchild of Andrea Cantarelli, guitar player and co-founder of Italian heavy metal band LABYRINTH, made its appearance in 2012 with the solid self-titled debut album under the Italian Frontiers Records. That release included the very talented Roberto Tiranti (LABYRINTH) on vocals and bass and achieved to make an impact to the modern hard rock scene.

Roberto, left the band two years after the release and he was replaced by Marco Baruffetti, who brought with him a fresh and positive vibe in the A.P.D. camp. The band states about the new opus: "We are extremely excited about the release of this new album. We worked very hard for more than two years, trying to keep intact the stylistic stamp that marked our debut album whilst evolving in multiple directions. The songs are in-your-face, the melodies are immediately able to capture the listener's attention and the extremely diverse sound will surely attract a wide and diverse audience."

After an intense intro, it comes the real thing; "A New Dawn" which opens this new effort is simply excellent! The 'in-your-face' heavy riffing grabs you at once and Marco's powerful vocals proves that this band is back for good!!  "My Lonely Island" is pure magic; a true modern rock gem with a haunting melody that leaves you breathless! One of the best tracks that I've heard this year. "In The Name Of God" includes a heavy riff, solid arrangements, a darker vibe but it's filled with another 'clever' melody. "The Deafening Silence" is yet another superb song; the melancholic vibe along with the heavy guitars and Baruffetti's heart-full performances compose this excellent tune!  "The Fooling Glass" will fill your heart with beautiful emotions with its amazing melody while in "Turning Back To You" the band shows its more radio-friendly side..

A Perfect Day is back with album  number two and the sure thing is that with this record they are aiming for bigger things. They achieve to mix many rock styles (rock, modern hard rock, metal...) with 'style' and at the end the result is an A-Class rock record that will be warm welcomed by any fan of the hard rock scene in general. 

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :

1. The Silent Prayer
2. A New Dawn
3. My Lonely Island
4. The Age Of Innocence
5. In The Name Of God
6. Before Your Eyes
7. The Deafening Silence
8. Angel
9. Mission Annihilation
10. The Fooling Glass
11. Turning Back To You

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