Tuesday, March 1, 2016

REVIEW : MarysCreek / INFINITY (2016)

MarysCreek is a modern melodic hard rock/metal band that was born in 2004 and nowadays it is releasing its brand new record which is entitled "Infinity". "Some Kind Of Hate", the debut, saw the light of day in 2007 by the German record label of MTM and it received a very positive feedback from fans and press. To support the debut, MarysCreek have shared stage with many artists. Among them: Takida, Evergrey, Crucified Barbara, Dead by April, Uriah Heep, The Poodles, Fatal Smile, etc.

After several changes in the line-up, MarysCreek is today constituted by Mats Nilsson (v), Peter Bergkvist (g), Roger Blomberg (b), Jonas Hallberg (g) and Stefan Halldin (d). Their new EP ‘Incubic Tin’ was recorded, this time with the help of the two producers Henrik Edenhed (Robyn, Straight Frank, Cesars Palace, Dead By April, etc.) and Sebastian Forslund (Staireo, Night Flight Orchestra, etc.) and was released in 2014 via MarysCreek Recors.

The new effort kicks-off with the heavy modern rocker anthem of "Hypnotized". A really heavy to the bone riffing, bad-ass vocals, a powerful rhythm section that you feel it in your bones and a chorus line to sing-a-long in this fantastic opener!! "Into Infinity" is yet another strong moment out of the new album; a more complex, more 'darker' modern heavy rocker tune that shows the talent of this band to create solid music. In "So Afraid (To Live)", the band delivers a more straight-forward and commercial song while in "The First Day" we are dealing with a killer and extremely catchy modern rocker monster!!! Check out, also, the mid-tempo and very melancholic tune of "On The Other Side" which really shines here with its inspired melody and harmony and, of course, with its powerful and deep performances.

The sure thing is that with this new record MARYSCREEK will make a bigger sense and will be heard by a bigger audience. "Infinity" is a mature album that marries perfectly the word 'modern' with hard 'n' heavy music and includes beautiful melodies, a darker vibe, powerful performances, solid arrangements and some killer tunes in it.

Rating : 8,2/10

Track Listing :
1. Hypnotized
2. Buried Deep Within
3. Into Infinity
4. So Afraid (to live)
5. The First Day
6. My Confession
7. On The Other Side
8. The Ghost Inside
9. Blinded by Darkness
10. Forever Lost
11. My Own Enemy
12. Tomorrow

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