Sunday, February 28, 2016

REVIEW : WASTE PIPES / Fake Mistake (2016)

Waste Pipes is an Italian rock band that was born in 2003 in Rivoli (It). The band, through its music, expresses itself by mixing many of its  influences (rock, hard rock, dance, Indie e.t.c.) and played in many gigs with acts such as Elio E Le Storie Tese, D-A-D, Meganoidi, Perturbazione, Thunder Express (ex The Hellacopters), Adam Bomb, Bobby Solo, Francesco C, Octopus and Fabio Treves Blues Band.

"Fake Mistake" is Waste Pipes brand new record, self-produced, and as bassist Lava says "Definitely, “Fake Mistake” is a difficult album. it's useless to act cool and say it's a disc of pure rock'n'roll. It's a mix of compromises, inconsistency, laughter, friendship, quarrels, selfishness, anger and mistakes we've made and surely will make again. It has a title that means nothing and tracks with everything in them. Nine songs completely different from each other, where rage and melody lock horns. Our history is in this record. The story of five kids who become adults unwittingly, beating harder and harder on their instruments." 

Even though I haven't 'follow' the band through its previous records, I have to say that I like "Fake Mistake" a lot. It's a decent and solid Rock 'n' Roll album that is made with heart and soul and that's a thing that matters the most. The guitars are 'crunchy', aggressive and melodic and the vocalist, Chris, delivers some in-your-face performances while the rest of the rhythm section is tight as a rock! To be honest, I didn't find any weak moments here or something to make me push the skip button. All the songs have something good that makes the final result very enjoyable from start to finish. Highlights here are the up-tempo classic rock anthem of "Stay The Night", the 'dark' pop-rock gem of "Chaos", and the fast-paced "For All The Time We Waste". All in all, this is a very 'mature' rock record that reflects the talent of this band.

Rating : 8/10

Track Listing :
01. Headstrong
02. Fire Below
03. Stay The Night
04. The Loser Song
05. Chaos
06. For All The Time We Waste
07. Not Enough
08. Little Devils Scratched My Ears

09. Bad Growing

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