Tuesday, March 8, 2016

REVIEW : Mystic Prophecy / War Brigade (2016)

Mystic Prophecy is back in business with its brand new 'monster' which is entitled "War Brigade". This Greek/German Power Metal act has already released eight studio albums and nowadays it's ready to unleash album number nine and probably the band's best record to-date.

Mystic Prophecy is a band that stays true to its roots of the pure late 80's heavy metal sound and the influences of classic metal Giants such as Accept, Judas Priest and DIO are obvious without loosing its own identity. The sound is big, powerful and in-your-face with blistering guitars, thunderous drums and superb performances thanks to the one and only R.D. Liapakis (Devil's Train). This guy knows how to sing a metal song, period!!!  The guitar duo of Ragazas and Pohl is delivering the goods with some really heavy riffs and 'crazy' solos and the rhythm section is solid.

With "Follow The Blind", the opener, you get immediately a taste of how "War Brigade" sounds like; powerful, 'punchy' with all the necessary melodies to rocket this new baby high!!!! With "Burning Out" the band offers a heavy to the bone, almost 'thrashy', tune that takes no prisoners while in "Crucifix" we have the first highlight of the album. A straight forward metal anthem with a 'catchier' chorus that makes you wanna sing-a-long. This song is build up for arenas!!!! The stunning mid-tempo "10.000 Miles" steals the show here with its brilliant arrangements, Liapakis' superb performances. The guitar work here is out of this world!!! Get ready to fight with the bad-ass "War Panzer"  and start your party with the really 'clever' and heavy cover tune of "Sex Bomb".

"War Brigade" grabs you at once and leaves you hungry for more!! It's one of these records that you can't go wrong. Spread the word : Mystic Prophecy unleash their metal-beast out and it's hungry!!!!!!! 

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
1. Follow The Blind
2. Metal Brigade

3. Burning Out

4. The Crucifix
5. Pray For Hell

6. 10.000 Miles Away

7. Good Day To Die

8. The Devil Is Back

9. War Panzer

10. Fight For One Nation

11. War Of Lies

12. Sex Bomb (Tom Jones Cover)


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