Saturday, January 9, 2016

REVIEW : Theander Expression – Wonderful Anticipation (2016)

Theander Expression is the AOR project that was started by the Swedish guitar player Andrée Theander. The debut was released in 2013 with the title ”Strange Nostalgia” and gained positive feedback from fans and press.

Andrée has been producing and recording most of the album at the Theander studio, playing all the guitars and he handles, also, most of the bass and keyboards parts, some percussion, drum programming and vocals.

Other musicians featured on the album are Herman Furin (Work of Art), Bengan Andersson (NIVA, Johan Randén), Kristofer von Wachenfeldt (Care of Night), Björn Lundqvist (Sunstrike, Twilight Force), Christian Eriksson (Sunstrike, Twilight Force), Erik Martensson (Eclipse, W.E.T), Sebastian Freij and Christoffer ”Foffe” Särnefält.

After the beautiful and sensational opening tune of "Anticipation Anthem", which is instrumental, comes the 'ballsy' AOR anthem of "You Always Ran Away". This is a superb slice of pure AOR stuff with attitude and an incredible chorus line to die for. "Ms Trendy" is movin' to some 'heavier' AOR paths while with "Into The Valley" we have a true Scandi melodic rock gem. This song includes some really impressive and bluesier guitar parts and an epic chorus!!! "Never Surrender" is a typical and up-tempo Swedish melodic rock tune and in "Someday(I'll Be There To Meet You)" we have a very good ballad.

"Wonderful Anticipation" is far better than the debut! It's more mature, it includes a fantastic guitar work, better songs and solid performances!!! A must have for every melodic rock fan out there!

Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :

1. Anticipation Anthem, 2. You always ran away, 3. Wonderful Anticipation, 4. Ms. Tendy, 5. Factoids & Fallacies, 6. Into The Valley, 7. Never Surrender, 8. The Loner, 9. Someday (I'll Be There To Meet You) 10. On My Own, 11. State Of Flow 

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