Sunday, January 10, 2016

REVIEW : LOUDGUNS / Sunset Runaway (2016)

"Sunset Runaway" is LOUDGUNS' second album. The band that hails from Finland released its debut record in 2011 with the title "Broken Highway". The debut gained a positive feedback from press and it made an impact to the melodic hard rock/AOR fans. Loudguns combine perfectly the late 80's hard rock sound with a more updated sound and the result is very good.

"Sunset Runaway" was released back in 2014 and nowadays is re-released through City Of Lights Records. When you listen to Loudguns' music, you realize at once that this band stays true to its roots! Beautiful keys, crunchy guitars, memorable and loud choruses, very good vocals and a strong late 80's vibe are the ingredients here that make this record a "must have" for the fans of this particular scene.

The opener tune of "Line Of Fire" is pure heaven! A melodic key-driven AOR gem with very good arrangements and a chorus line to sing-a-long. "Loud N' Proud" is slightly heavier with again a big hook and chorus while in "Silent Cries" the band delivers a superb ballad in the vain of bands such as Zinatra and XYZ. "Sail Towards The Sea" is one of the best tracks here; it features a 'darker' and more straight forward direction with some acoustic guitar parts and a memorable chorus. The edgier "Wicked Lover" is movin' to some modern hard rock paths and the mid-tempo "Rain Keeps Falling" is another highlight.

Overall, this is a very interesting release all the way. Loudguns with this record showing its talent as a band and I'm sure that we will hear bigger things from them in the near future.

Rating : 8/10

Track Listing :
1.Line Of Fire
2.Loud 'n' Proud
3.We Need A Hero
4.Silent Cries
5.War Remains
6.Siren's Call
7.Sail Towards The Sea
8.Paintings In The Dark
9.Wicked Lover
10.Rain Keeps Falling
11.Sunset Runaway
12.So Close To Home

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