Tuesday, January 5, 2016

REVIEW : Tainted Nation – On The Outside (2016)

The all-star project of Tainted Nation is releasing this year its second record with the title "On The Outside". All its members are very experienced musicians and have been involved in world tours, festivals and recordings with their main bands. The band consists of Pete Newdeck (vocals), Mark Cross (drums), Pontus Egberg (bass), Ian Nash (guitars) and Joel Peters (guitars).

The band's debut, "F.E.A.R.", was a damn fine slice of modern hard rock stuff with some metallic 'touches' and it made an impression to the Euro hard rock/metal fans. Somewhere between Sixx A.M. and a modern day Ozzy, Tainted Nation is a band that has the right attitude and the songs to become a  real band and to release more solid albums in the near future. Pete Newdeck is doin' a damn fine job regarding the vocals and sometimes you get the impression that you are hearing Ozzy!!!! The guitar duo of Peters and Nash delivers some excellent guitar work and the rhythm section is tight as a rock!!!

To be honest here, I didn't find any weak moment here or something average. This 13-track album is very enjoyable from start to finish and the sure thing is that Tainted Nation overcome themselves with htis second release. If I had to pick some songs from "On The Outside", these would be the extremely melodic and catchy tune of  "On The Outside" (Nick Workman (Vega) appears as backing vocalist), "Defiance", the 'clever' and commercial "Karma", my personal favorite "About A Boy" and the 'punchy' "Welcome to War". I also, find extremely interesting the cover version of Billy Squier’s classic “The Stroke

As I already mentioned above, Tainted Nation overcome themselves with "On The Outside" and achieved to release a brilliant and catchy modern hard rock /metal album that will be appreciated by each and every single fan of this particular scene. 

Rating : 8/10 

Track Listing : 1. Live And Die, 2. Defiance, 3. Fight, 4. Barriers, 5. On The Outside, 6. The Stroke, 7. Ordinary Life, 8. Karma, 9. Going To Hell, 10. About A Boy, 11. Pulling Me Under, 12. Welcome To War, 13. Back To Earth

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