Sunday, October 11, 2015

REVIEW : DARK MOOR / Project X (2015)

In 2013, DARK MOOR released a really brilliant record, "Ars Musica", that impressed me with the first spin and left me hungry for more. It was an album that combined perfectly the melodic hard rock/metal sound with progressive rock filled with beautiful melodies, great symphonic parts and heavy guitars. Nowadays, the band is back with a new effort, "Project X" and its ready, once again, to make an impression with its unique sound.

After the intense and 'modern' intro of "November 3023", it comes the first track that kicks-off the new album with the title "Abduction". This song represents Dark Moor of 2015 and that is a more 'modern' sound without loosing any of the band's well-known elements. "Beyond The Stars" starts with a beautiful piano-driven melody, emotional vocals and becomes an excellent symphonic, almost epic, anthem! I really dig the almost theatrical vibe here! Next, in "Conspiracy Revealed" we are dealing with a more straight forward rocker that includes a nice rhythm, more passionate vocals, a very good riff and a breathtaking solo. "Bon Voyage!" is an excellent up-tempo track (which reminds me of QUEEN) while in "Imperial Earth" we have another killer symphonic track!! Check out, also, the song that closes "Project X", "There Is Something In The Skies" which is another great sample of the unique capabilities of Dark Moor.

For sure, one of the best albums of this particular scene that I've heard this year! In "Project X" forget the labels; this is Music with capital M!!! 

Rating : 9,5/10

Track Listing :
1. November 3023
2. Abduction
3. Beyond The Stars
4. Conspiracy Revealed
5. I Want To Believe
6. Bon Voyage!
7. The Existence
8. Imperial Earth
9. Gabriel

10. There's Something In The Skies 

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