Tuesday, October 13, 2015

AOR Boulevard Records presents Ailafar Teaser Sampler from their latest release "No Limits".

Listen "Ailafar No Limits Teaser Sampler 2015": https://youtu.be/gLQBDdExX0s

Track list: 1. Live 4 You Live 4 Me, 2. Flood Of Love, 3. Further The Road Signs, 4. Faith In Love, 5. Two Roses, 6. Tell Me Why, 7. A Way To Your Heart, 8. Out Of The Blue, 9. Doors We Walk Alone, 10. Greatest Treasure 11. Ifigenia, 12. More Than One, 13. Heartlands Ground

Ailafar - No Limits is Out Now: www.aorblvdrecords.co.uk

Facebook Official: https://www.facebook.com/ailafar
Ailafar Twitter Official: https://twitter.com/ailafar
Ailafar YT Official:

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