Saturday, February 21, 2015


After two really solid releases, LIVE THE LIFE YOU'VE IMAGINED (2011) and ON THE CUSP OF CHANGE (2013), this Israel melodic hard rock band is back with its brand new work, EP, that it's entitled "Anniversary". This year the band is celebrating 5 years anniversary and this album is made especially for this ​occasion. The album was recorded at 'Retro Studios' in Israel, by Amir Harony & Amos Itach. The job of mixing and mastering was taken by Igor Korolev from 'KIV Records' studios, Russia.

The front cover artwork was handled by an american artist Trevor Niemann from 'Visual Entropy' and the album includes 4 brand new songs and an exclusive documentary video on the creation of Red Rose's second album, 'On the Cusp of Change', which have not been released previously. As an extra bonuses, new CD includes two official music videos, 'Don't Believe These Tales' & 'Alone in the Night' in HD quality.

This new EP starts with the amazing "Never Surrender". A melodic hard rock tune that includes a superb melody, a catchy hook and chorus and very good performances. It's a typical Red Rose melodic song and it's probably one of the best tracks that this band has ever recorded. "At The Crossroad" is yet another very good melodic rock tune that features a very nice melody while in "Everything Can Change" we are dealing with another highlight! Extremely melodic with a strong feel-good vibe in it, great arrangements and a brilliant guitar solo!! This EP close with the beautiful mid-tempo "Make You Believe".

"Anniversary" is overall an impressive EP all the way! Only four tracks but strong enough to make you push the repeat button again and again. I am really looking forward to hearing more music from these guys! Well done.

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :  Never Surrender, At The Crossroad, Everything Can Change, Make You Believe 

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