Saturday, February 21, 2015

REVIEW : MarysCreek / Incubic Twin (2015)

MarysCreek  was founded by Mats Nilsson & Stefan Halldin in 2004 with the intention to create an outfit blending the modern heavy rock of today with the Swedish tradition of strong melodies catchy choruses.“Some Kind of Hate”, the debut, was released in 2007 and it received great feedback. To support the debut, MarysCreek toured and shared stage with many artists such as Takida, Evergrey, Crusified Barbara, Dead by April, Uriah Heep, The Poodles, Fatal Smile etc.

After several line-up changes, MarysCreek consists of Mats Nilsson (v), Peter Bergkvist (g), Roger Blomberg (b), Jonas Hallberg (g) and Stefan Halldin (d).

The sound of Maryscreek is a great mix of the so called 'modern melodic heavy rock' with plenty of catchy melodies, powerful guitars, a 'darker' vibe and impressive vocal lines. In this new 5 track EP, the band delivers small appetizer of its talent. The opening tune of "Forever Lost" is simple breathtaking; powerful and heavy with a huge chorus line to sing-a-long for days. "Incubic Twin" is darker, heavier and is movin' to some more 'alternative' paths. "Remission Of Sin" is yet another highlight! This tasty mid-tempo rocker leaves you breathless; it includes a sweet melody, the necessary melancholic vibe but when it comes to the chorus then comes the real thing! Excellent stuff! It, also, features a great guitar work. "Never Walk Alone" is a rather good song while the closing "Black Tie Suicide" is a another 'modern' heavy rock that not impressed me.

Bottom line is that Maryscreek with their new EP achieve to release an overall solid mini album that even if it is a short one, it includes a bunch of impressive modern heavy rock tracks. Check it out. 

Rating : 8,2/10

Track Listing :  
1. Forever Lost
2. Incubic Twin
3. Remission of Sin
4. Never Walk Alone
5. Black Tie Suicide

Mixed by Henrik Edenhed (Robyn, Cesars Palace, Dead By April) and Sebastian Forslund (Staireo, Night Flight Orchestra).

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