Saturday, February 21, 2015

REVIEW : TEMPERANCE / Limitless (2015)

Allow me to start this review by saying that Temperance with their last year's self-titled debut album achieved to release a solid effort that combined perfectly the modern melodic metal scene with beautiful melodies, strong arrangements and a powerful sound. This female fronted band that features members from Secret Sphere, Bejelit and HateTyler is back again to offer us its next step which is entitled "Limitless".

In "Limitless" the band is movin' in the same and 'safe' modern melodic metal paths as in the debut but this time I have the feeling that this new one is a bit better. Singer Chiara Tricarico really shines here; her vocals are the cherry on top in "Limitless" and takes the whole project into a higher level. This woman's vocal abilities are ....limitless I would dare to say. She has a powerful but at the same time so emotional voice and it fits perfectly with this particular sound. The guitars are heavier but with tons of melody and the songs generally are slightly better regarding the debut. Plus to the above mentioned things, a strong dose of some interesting electronics and folk elements and there you have an overall solid record.

Highlights here are the fast-paced rockers "Save Me", "Here And Now", "Me, Myself & I" and the heavier "Side By Side" that all include tight arrangements, powerful performances, superb guitar work, tons of melodies and the necessary aggressive (brutal) vocal duties for the extra taste. Check out, also, the fantastic mid-tempo "Stay" with the amazing rhythm and "Goodbye" that both are among my favorites from this new album.

Interesting and extremely enjoyable album from start to finish! The new 'star' of the modern melodic metal scene is here and with albums like this one the future looks bright for them!

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
1. Oblivion
2. Amber & Fire
3. Save Me
4. Stay
5. Mr. White
6. Here & Now
7. Omega Point
8. Me, Myself & I
9. Side By Side
10. Goodbye
11. Burning
12. Get A Life
13. Limitless

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