Wednesday, January 7, 2015

REVIEW : THE STORYTELLER / Sacred Fire (2015)

The Storyteller is not a new band in the melodic epic-power metal scene. They have already released five official albums (“The Storyteller” in 2000, “Crossroad” in 2002,  “Tales Of A Holy Quest” in 2003, “Underworld” in 2005 and “Dark Legacy” in 2013) and, nowadays, "Sacred Fire" is the band's newest opus.

They, also, played with many famous bands such as Helloween, Gamma Ray, Statovarius and Hammerfall to name a few. Their music can be described, as I already mentioned above, as pure and traditional power metal with some strong epic elements without loosing the melody. One of the strongest points of The Storyteller are the powerful vocal lines of L-G Persson. This guy has a strong range of vocal abilities and that can be heard in every moment here. The guitars are tasteful with plenty of excellent solos and heavy riffs that will be welcomed by any fan of this genre. Lyrically, the band is dealing mostly with the ancient years (kings and queens) but they, also, have some reports from the Greek mythology (“The Ferryman” , “God Of War”). One of the album's best moment is without any doubt the first single , "One Last Stand".

All in all, this is an extremely interesting release that can't be missed by any fan of the Melodic Power Metal scene. Well done!!

Rating : 8/10

Track Listing :
1) As I Die
2) One Last Stand
3) Sacred Fire
4) Ferryman
5) Serpent Eyes
6) Sons Of The North
7) In Search For Treasures, Stones And Gold.
8) Coming Home
9) The Army Of Southerfell
10) Curse Of The Seven Seas
11) Let Your Spirit Fly
12) God Of War

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