Monday, January 5, 2015

==WORSELDER== (Stoner Groove Metal from France) | New EP "MMXIV"

Sudorific heating riff powers:
After exploring various aspects of Heavy Metal, the members of WORSELDER brought the band towards a style that is more and more their own and modern, based on solid rhythms, progressive arrangements and diverse vocals, all of which serve a musical style made for the stage.

Sick of all the nu-wave stuff ?! 

And these guys have a 100% authentic approach, as much in their attitude as in their music, proudly taking on their Pyrenean origins, as their new EP "MMXIV" shows.
Officially the new release has been set off the chain at the end of November 2014.

Far from the traditional nail wielding leather clad biker look, WORSELDER from Pamiers refuse to belong to any established category.

Pre-listening here:


Track Listing 
1 – The Sickening (05:04 )
2 – Home Of The Grave (05:18)
3 – The Haven (04:23)




Guillaume : Vocals
Mitch : Drums
Yannick : Bass/Backing vocals
James : Guitar
Yoric : Guitar


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