Monday, November 3, 2014

UNRULY CHILD / Down The Rabbit Hole (Side One) (2014)

For each and every single fan of the melodic rock sound Unruly Child is one of those bands that wrote history with its classic debut album back in 1992. That was an excellent piece of melodic rock album at its best. The melodies, the performances, the songs...everything was perfect! So, nowadays, the band is back with this 7 track digital release since their very good comeback effort "Worlds Collide" in 2010.

Down The Rabbit Hole (Side One) has been released under  their newly formed record label, Unruly Records and marks the return to the melodic rock paths of their debut album. As I mentioned above, "The Rabbit Hole - Side One" currently  is only available digitally, although there are plans to release a physical double CD collection with possibly 16 to 17 tracks.

Vocalist Marcie Free, Bruce Gowdy (guitarist) and Guy Allison (keyboardist) started to work on the new songs three years ago. "We want to get our music out sooner than later," they said. "Then we thought, let's just release it as 'one side of a record' at a time -- vintage speak for anyone who remembers vinyl and the reality of side one and side two. Not wanting to put out two partial CDs, we decided on a different approach. We would release 6 to 7 songs digitally, work on the next batch -- then release 6 to 7 more. After that it would be easy to just create one physical CD of all the material together, a compilation -- but then we had an even better idea. We could create more material, include everything -- new unreleased recordings, the original 14 songs with extended mixes and possibly even bonus material and put it all together on one or possibly two CDs. It would be kind of an "Unruly Child oeuvre", and something we could really put our hearts into."

"This Is Who I Am" is a great opener. Classic and at the same time it includes a more updated sound but when it comes to the chorus is breathtaking! "She Can't See Me" sounds like it came out from the debut while in "For All We Know" is yet another solid track; the highlight here are the soulful vocals by this great singer. "Say I Love You" is a killer up-tempo tune. A bit Beatles-esque with a strong hook and chorus that grabs you and makes you whistle it for days.

Heavy Paradise welcomes this amazing and so beloved band and the only thing that I Have to add here is that I'm waitin' more music by Unruly Child in the near future. This scene needs bands like Unruly Child to make our days happier!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,3/10

Track Listing :
01. This Is Who I Am
02. Down The Rabbit Hole
03. She Can't See Me
04. Breaking Hearts
05. Kindred
06. For All We Know
07. Say I Love You

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