Monday, November 3, 2014

Can Of Soul album "Hearreality" out on November 25th!

Can Of Soul album "Hearreality" out on November 25th!
On November 25th, 2014, Can Of Soul will release the debut album "Hearreality" under Atomic Stuff Records (distributed by Andromeda Dischi). It will be a concept album.
"Hearreality": A world dying because of the solar radiation hosts a civilization that is looking for new habitable planets to preserve its species. Once identified a "Land", very different compared to our continuum, the aliens get ready for the invasion by extracting and preserving the "souls" from the bodies to accomplish the space leap without damage. On this assaulted planet there are also mystical entities with supernatural powers who will fight alongside the humans to fend off the invaders whose commanders, once defeated, will be imprisoned.

Can Of Soul is the new solo project by Tomas “Tomrocker” Toffolo (Stygma, Why Out).

The track list is as follows:

01. We Hate The Sun
02. This Order #5
03. Mystic
04. Solid Conviction
05. My Queen
06. Bette Davis Eyes
07. Demon Eater
08. Peaceful Snake
09. Dealing
10. Beyond My Wayward Zen Garden
11. Outro
12. DGRZ (bonus track)

On the label's YouTube channel you can listen to the samples of “Bette Davis Eyes” ( and “Mystic” (


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