Tuesday, August 26, 2014

CHAINFIST / Scarred (2014)

CHAINFIST is a five-piece Danish metal band that originally ws formed in 2007 and consists of ex-members of Panzerchrist, Frozen Sun and Infernal Death. In September 2010, it has released their first full-length album “Black Out Sunday” which was praised by several Danish metal-sites. Since then, the band has been playing on various stages in Denmark, building up a solid live-reputation with top-marks from the critics.

Nowadays, the band is back with its second step which is entitled "Scarred". The album starts-off with the fast and furious metal dynamite of "Scars Of Time". A thunderous, yet modern metal, track that features a heavy, still melodic, riff, powerful vocal lines and strong arrangements. "1000 Ways To Bleed" recalls a modern-day Metallica while "Poison Moon" is movin' to some heavier, almost thrash, I would dare to say, paths. "Seven Minutes Of Pain" includes a really nice groove in it and "Muss Frustration" is one of the album's highlights; heavy, powerful with attitude that takes no prisoners with! The album, also, includes a nice acoustic version of "Black Rebel Noise".

All in all, CHAINFIST with "Scarred" achieved to release a solid, powerful in an old-fashioned way metal record with an up-dated and fresh sound that will be welcomed by any fan of the classic heavy metal scene. 
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 7,5/10

Track Listing :
01. Scars of time
02. 1000 ways to bleed
03. Black rebel noise
04. Another day in hell
05. Poison moon
06. 10.000
07. Know you hate
08. Seven minutes of pain
09. Statement
10. Mass frustration
11. Black rebel noise (acoustic)

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