Sunday, July 13, 2014

ACACIA AVENUE / Cold (2014)

Danish six-string player Torben Enevoldsen (FATE, FATAL FORCE e.t.c.) is back with his project Acacia Avenue with a new album which is entitled "Cold". In this new release, Torben collaborates with an impressive list of vocalists such as Rob Moratti, Peter Sundell (Grand Illusion), Steve Newman and Torben Lyshom among others.

The album kicks-off with the impressive rockin' tune of "Time" that features Steve Newman on lead vocals. The arrangements, the musicianship, the guitar work and, of course, the vocal lines are all perfect here making this song the absolute highlight from "Cold". "Love Will Survive" is another great track this time featuring Rob Moratti on lead vocals. A beautiful and extremely catchy melodic tune with a killer chorus line. "It's Over" is movin' to some classic AOR paths while in "Signs Of Love" we have another stunning melodic cut that includes a so sweet harmony. Steve Newman sings his heart out in the catchy "Angelina" and "How Many Nights" seems to be the perfect summer song with its cool melodic rhythm that travels you!!

Overall this is a beautiful, classy and extremely melodic release all the way! Plenty of hooks and catchy choruses to sing-a-long, great arrangements, solid guitar work, beautiful melodies and, most of all, very good songs compose ACACIA AVENUE's newest work that the sure thing is that will please every melodic freak out there! Well done!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :
1. Time
2. Love Will Survive
3. It’s Over
4. Out Of The Business
5. Mean Street City
6. Cold
7. Angelina
8. You And I
9. Calling Out
10. How Many Nights
11. Freedom From Doubt 

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