Sunday, July 13, 2014

ANASTASIO FARINI / Lil’ Angel (2013)

I know that I'm a bit too late here with Anastasio Farini's debut work but better late than never! So, the time has come for this so-talented guitar player to unleash his debut record and believe me this will rock your world as it did with mine! For this album, Farini collaborates with many recognizable musicians such as George Gakis, Pelle Saether of Grand Design and Rob Mancini among others and the result is quite impressive in my humble opinion.

The album kicks-off with the totally 80's tune of "Lil' Angel". Anthemic with a feel-good vibe in it and an ass-kickin' chorus, plus an amazing guitar work and there you have a killer track! "Sweet Lovin' Girl" featuring Rob Mancini reminded me a bit of EUROPE's earlier works while in "Anytime All The Time" (Pelle Saether) we are dealing with another highlight! A bit of Slaughter along with a strong dose of Grand Design and there you have a winner!!!

Next, "Brother To Brother" and the party is on fire for good! "I Will Be Loving You Forever" is the first power ballad of the album but, to be honest, it didn't impress me at all except maybe for its superb guitar lines!! In "Phantom Of The Opera" it's time for Anastasio Farini to show his incredible skills over his six-string!! Another surprise for me here is the cover of Duran Duran's hit-single of "Wild Boys"!!! A bit strange choice if you ask me but the final result is solid. This time George Gakis take over the mic and with Farini makes this very good song.... a real gem!!  In "Like My Way Of Love" the band is movin' to some 80's classic hard rock paths this time with Darren Grant on vocals from Eruption.

As I already said above "Lil' Angel" achieved to rock my world for good! Very good arrangements, out of this world riffs and solos, a bunch of some really impressive singers and very good songs with an 80's vibe in you need more? 
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :
 1. Lil' Angel (feat. Dean Mess of W.A.N.T.E.D.)
2. Sweet Lovin' Girl (feat. Rob Mancini)
3. Anytime All The Time (feat. Pelle Saether of Grand Design)
4. Brother To Brother (feat. Reuben Archer of Stampede)
5. I Will Be Loving You (feat. Darren Grant of Eruption)
6. The Phantom Of The Opera (instrumental)
7. Wild Boys [Duran Duran cover] (feat. George Gakis)
8. Like My Way Of Love (feat. Darren Grant of Eruption)
9. Prelude (instrumental)

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