Saturday, July 12, 2014

VALERIE / Dangerous (EP, 2014)

Valerie is a young and ambitious melodic hard rock band that hails from Norway and a couple years ago released its debut album which was, and still is, a solid melodic hard rock album full of nice harmonic parts, big melodies, sing-a-long choruses, tight performances and cool guitar work.

I, also, had the pleasure to interview the band's lead singer BT Valerie ( interview ) and to be honest I was looking forward to hearng new stuff from these guys. So, nowadays, Valerie is back with a new EP, an appetizer to have something before the new full-length effort later this year.

"Night After Night", the brand new single, is a killer tune! Extremely melodic, with a feel-good vibe in it and a chorus to sing-a-long for days. "Hearts On The Line" and "Dangerous" are both pure melodic rock heaven. The EP, also, features a new version of "Love Is Like A Heart Attack" from the debut.

For sure this EP is a great appetizer of what to expect from Valerie's up-coming second album. And if the new one will sound like this, it's gonna be a killer!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

01 - Night After Night
02 - Hearts On The Line
03 - Dangerous
04 - Love Is Like A Heart Attack (New 2014 Version)

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