Sunday, May 18, 2014

STOP STOP! / Join The Party (2014)

STOP STOP consists of three musicians that want to chase their dreams and live the wildlife in the Rock 'n' Roll world! The story of Jacob A.M. (Bass and singer) has been a wild one. He moved from town to town and he played in the street for a few coins in Barcelona (Spain) and Milan (Italy); lived in a van in Sunset Boulevard in L.A. (U.S.A.) behind the "Whiskey a Go Go".

Vega (guitars) decided to live doing what he always wanted to do: sex, rock and more sex! And last, but not least, Danny StiX (drums), the number one fan of STOP STOP went through auditions when the band searched for drummer and finally this skinny boy with the massive hair became the bad-ass drummer!!

The band released its debut effort in 2010, "Unlimited", and received a strong feedback by the press and fans. Stop Stop started to play in some gigs, bought a van and lived like gypsies and continued rocking as hell!!!

So, nowadays, Stop Stop is releasing its second album that is entitled "Join The Party" and all three members welcome us to their crazy rock 'n' roll circus which consists of loud guitars, pounding drums and in-your-face performances! It's all about Rock 'n' Roll baby!!!

"Lost In The U.K." kicks-off the party in such a good way! It has an 80's hair metal vibe that I love it, a cool riff and nasty as hell vocal lines! Let the good times roll!!! "Love Machine" is a fast-paced rocker while in "Join The Party" grab your beers and turn it to maximum volume! Ass-kickin' party anthem with attitude! "Poser" has a really feel-good Poison vibe in it, "Pigs Falling Down" is a more serious and 'darker' rocker and in "Toilet Party", it includes a killer solo, the party starts over again and again! There are, also, a couple of slower tunes like "Coming Home" and "With You" that's givin' the extra flavor to the final result!

Call it hair metal, glam metal or even pop metal, it doesn't matter; for me "Join The Party" is the perfect disc for your crazy hot summer days along with a couple, and more, cold beers, girls, girls and more girls!!! Catchy as hell chorus lines to sing-a-long for days, attitude and fan....isn't that rock 'n' roll is all about?
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing:
01 - Lost In The U.K.
02 - Love Machine
03 - Join The Party!
04 - Poser
05 - Pigs Falling Down
06 - Toilet Party
07 - In'N'Out
08 - Coming Home
09 - Lola
10 - With You
11 - Diane
12 - Bad Hair Day
13 - My Friend

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