Sunday, May 18, 2014

STRANGEWAYS : Announcement!! (New Album Coming..!)

We're about to start recording our new album and, in a rapidly changing music industry, we've decided to explore the possibility of having our supporters involved with the project from the start.
In these days of Internet piracy and illegal free downloads it is becoming increasingly difficult for bands to survive using the old business models.
The traditional process of funding an album with record label advances against predicted sales is no longer relevant because piracy results in greatly reduced sales, so artists end up barely covering their expenses.
Thankfully, it seems some of these difficulties can be overcome by using new ways to approach funding a record.
The solution is to directly involve you, the fans.
We thought initially of going down the Crowd-funding route and using Kickstarter or Pledge, but with the fan base we already have all over the world we realised that we could do this ourselves by coming to you directly and avoiding the middle-men.

We're already hard at work and plan to release the album on August 31st 2014.
All we'd like you to do is pre-order the album.
Since we don't know how many of you will want to be involved, we won't take any money until we know this plan will work. Instead, we'd like you to sign up here on our website to pledge a minimum of just £10.
This isn't a donation though, you are buying a copy of the album and will also be credited on the album sleeve.
Only when we have reached 500 pledges will we contact you to ask you to honour your pledge. If we don't reach 500, then you don't have to pay anything.
If you want to be involved, please follow this link to register your pledge.
We need at least 500 of you to pledge to make this happen and we will deliver a great record at the end of it.
So, lets get this started!
Ian, Terry, Jim, Warren and Munch.

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