Saturday, May 17, 2014

RUBICON CROSS / Rubicon Cross (2014)

Rubicon Cross is a new sensational melodic hard rock/metal band featuring vocalist CJ Snare (Firehouse) and guitar virtuoso Chris Green. The band, with its debut EP in 2011, has offered us a great sample of pure US heavy rock stuff with a great guitar work, an updated sound and, of course, Snare's amazing vocal lines.

Nowadays, the band is releasing its debut full-length effort and it's ready to rock our world for good. The sound of Rubicon Cross is a great mix of the 80's melodic heavy rock scene with a more modernized hard rock/metal 'touch' and including heavy-in-your face guitars, melodic and passionate vocal duties by the legendary CJ Snare and most of all it featuring some really catchy to the bone tunes to sing-a-long for days!!

"Locked And Loaded" kicks-off the party here and it's about a monstrous heavy rock anthem with an explosive chorus line that takes no prisoners! Think a heavier Firehouse with an updated sound and you'll get the picture! "Next Worse Enemy" is a groovier 'modern' rock gem while "Bleed With Me" is probably the heaviest cut that CJ has ever performed. Great and 'fat' guitar sound with Snare's powerful and aggressive vocals this song is a true highlight! From the first notes of "Save Me Within'" you'll understand that it's about a mid-tempo. Yes, this is a typical Firehouse-esque mid-tempo song that will put a wide smile upon the face of every fan of this legendary band! The guitar solo here is just brilliant! Next, we have the fast-paced rocker of "You Will Remember Me" and one of my personal favorites from the new album "Movin' On". "Movin' On" features a groovier sound and some really bad-ass guitar sound that combined with CJ Snare's soaring vocals make this track the absolute highlight here!!! "R U Angry" is just killer modern heavy rock while the acoustic mid-tempo "Shine" is filled-up with Snare's emotional performances. In "Kill Or Be Killed" the band is movin' into some heavier paths and the album closes with the extremely catchy and commercial tune of "All The Little Things" that sounds like Firehouse on steroids!!!! Huge track!!!

Killer stuff! Yes, Rubicon Cross ιs delivering an album full of attitude, in-your-face guitar riffs and solos, a tight as hell musicianship, a big and 'fat' production and most of all incredible and powerful performances from one of the best shouters in the melodic hard 'n' heavy scene, CJ Snare! Buy it, steal it, get it at any cost!!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9,5/10 

Track Listing :
01. Locked And Loaded
02. Next Worse Enemy
03. Bleed With Me
04. Save Me Within
05. You Will Remember Me
06. Moving On
07. R U Angry
08. Shine
09. Kill Or Be Killed
10. All The Little Things

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