Thursday, May 29, 2014

Seven Hard Years (7HY) / No Place In Heaven (2014)

Seven Hard Years (7HY) released their debut album "No Place In Heaven". 7HY is the brain child of former SHY drummer Alan Kelly who over the last few years has continued writing in his spare time at his studio in Cornwall to deliver a world class slice of AOR stuff. When Alan presented the songs to Roy Davis (SHY bass player and CEO of Lynchburg Records), his reply was that this album had to be done. They recruited for this project some serious talent in the shape of US based Singer Shawn Pelata (Line Of Fire), Dave Martin (Former Guitarist for-Marshall Law), Martin Walls (After Hours), Elliot Kelly (Ocean City), Claire Kelly and of course Roy Davis (SHY).

This debut kicks-off with the powerful tune of "Angels Fly". A serious ass-kickin' rocker that includes some impressive vocal lines by Shawn Pelata, a great riff and some inspired soloing and a tight sound! Really impressive start in my humble opinion! "Hold Me Now" is moving into some more melodic rock paths, it includes a great harmony and once again the guitar parts are awesome!

Next, "Live Without You" is among the highlights from the new record. A darker sound but with the melody in front row this track leaves you breathless. "Never Meant To Hurt You" is another interesting moment here; a mid-tempo, piano-driven tune with a cool harmony and a Queen-esque feeling. "Call Me Tonight" and "No Place In Heaven" are both melodic rock bliss!! Strong melodies, clever choruses and superb arrangements make these two cuts the absolute highlights!!

Strong arrangements, amazing guitar work, powerful and emotional vocal lines and most of all some really well-written tracks in this superb release. Highly recommended stuff! 
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :
1. Angels Fly
2. Hold Me Now
3. Live Without You
4. You Lie
5. No More Yesterdays
6. Never Meant To Hurt You
7. Call Me Tonight
8. No Place In Heaven
9. Say What You Gotta Say
10. Say Those Lies
11. Show Some Emotion
12. You Are The One

7HY Are -
Alan Kelly (Drums)
Shawn Pelata (Vocals)
Roy Davis (Bass)
Dave Martin (Guitars)
Martin Walls (Bass)
Elliot Kelly (Guitars)
Claire Kelly

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